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About Richard Cole

Richard Cole is a research fellow at the University of Queensland. He is interested in programming languages and formal concept analysis.

In 1996 Richard was awarded the title of Bachelor Science with first class honours in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide. Richard was also awarded the DEC Honours prize for Computer Science. In 1997 Richard was awarded the title of Bachelor of Engineering with first class honours in Computer System Engineering. Shortly after commencing his PhD Richard was award a prestigious DAAD scholarship and spent 6 months working with Prof. Wille's research group (AG1) in Darmstadt. After returning from Germany Richard followed the move of Peter Eklund's KVO group from the University of Adelaide to Griffith University where he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in 2001 for a thesis entitled "Document Management Using Formal Concept Analysis". After completing his PhD, Richard worked for a year and half at Boeing Australia on the High Frequency Modernisation Project before returning to Peter Eklund's KVO group to take up a Research fellowship working with Peter Eklund and Peter Bruza on the application of semantic spaces and formal concept analysis to document organisation. Richard also has an active interest in the application of FCA to software engineering.