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CASS - Conceptual Analysis of Software Structure

The CASS Project is concerned with the application of FCA to understanding of software structure.

CASS is one of several research efforts to apply FCA to the understanding of software structure and differs from those in various ways.

The hallmarks of the CASS approach are:

The source directory griff/cass contains an old version of CASS. The new version has been integrated into the sarl library (and should perhaps also be split out again).

Currently the CASS code copsists of ruby files and it also serves as an example of how to wrap to construct a custom application.

Features to Implement for CASS

1. Make the navigation spaces a configuration option rather than

being directly coding them in Ruby.

2. Fix the back button and connect the forward button - more state

needs to be stored for the back button to work, in particular the state information stored in the database is not being modified when the user goes back (it needs to be modified) but should the history also be stored in the database (anonymous nodes are bad, maybe the nodes can be given determined names).

3. Add a wizard which allows additional JAR to be inserted into the current


4. Allow the concept of multiple projects. This is supported quite

well by Kowari, but a little thinking about it needs to be done.

5. Add support for distributive closure

6. Add support for nesting navigatin points (how should such a thing

be accomodated)

7. Make the navigation operations higher level, e.g. focus on should

probably unfold the attribute as well.

8. Add an option to navigate to the source code (connect to Eclipse

for this, or perhaps to a java doc source).