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Sarl3 Screenshots

The following is an example of a lattice constructed from a very small sample of movies.

The screenshots shows the use of scrolling abels in action. Note the "... 2 after" on the top right hand label.

The lattice is kind of interesting because

To take up the last point. Consider that we have a triple store. Now consider that we generate a context in the following way:

  foreach "_movie is-a movie"
    foreach "_movie has-title _title"
      foreach "_movie _a _b, _a in {director, genre, actor}"
        context.insert("title: _title", "_a: _b")

Then the lattice shows actors, directors, and genres for movies identified by their title. Using titles to identify movies is problematic since several movies might have the same name, so some other identifier that perhaps include the date of release would be potentially better. It doesn't effect this example though.