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Navigation Spaces Lab Notes

BCEL Screenshot

The BCEL library was investigated using CASS. Below is a screenshot of the call-graph between high level packages in Java.

This diagram shows the packages in the Java library together with some other top level packages. Only classes reached from the BCEL library by following inheritance links and method calls were considered. However once can see that the coverage is considerable. It will thus be interesting to see if this diagram changes significantly when generated from the Java runtime environment.

Perhaps a few more words about how the lattice was generated. It is showing method calls completed with respect to the package hierarchy a la navigation spaces. It is not the non-transitive version of the calls relation which is being used.

The diagram is quite curious because it is very irregular. Perhaps we have come to expect that from the Java libraries. The top concept shows that everything uses java.util and java.lang. Looking down we see that java.lang as an object is collocated with while java.util occurs much higher collocating with java.text.

Kowari Screenshot

Following is a lattice organising the kowari org packages, including the contents of org.kowari by which top level packages they access.

This diagram is fairly neat it shows that itql and server both make use of jards while. server uses com, while itql uses javax. We see that resolver and content use javax and com. We can see that store is using something in gnu.