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Recent Additions

min_unsat.exe prune_clauses.exe reduce_clauses.exe sarl_sat_main.exe

What are the most needed features

Following is a list of the most needed features for browsing software structure. This is really related to CASS.

Adding Scrolling Labels

I have added basic infra structure to draw scrollbars on labels when they are active.

The labels can currently be resized but currently can't be scrolled either up or down. The minimum size for a label is way too small.

Also linked to this page are the notes on Sarl Scrolling Labels.

Label scrolling now works in a basic way. The arrows in the scrollbars work and you get "n before" and "n after" text when the label is scrolled. However there are still issues:

A redesign of the label system is in order to fix these problems. Particularly since the font metrics coming from Pango make it rather easy to figure out the size of the text.