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MouseHole Tagger

I found a program called MouseHole on Delicious while browsing Ruby stuff. It is a cool idea. It is basically a local proxy to run your requests though so they can be acted on by ruby scripts. That opens up a lot of possibilities. One possibility is to have some GUI component (or even web controlled component) that tracks topics. You could mark in such a browser that you are browsing a particular topic, then all pages visited can be marked as part of a search on this topic, of course the usual visit to Delicious can be used to add extra tags.

The system could also be used to try to learn tags for given page. Tagging systems have high precision but low recall. Often the tagger (e.g. doesn't think up all the tags that are relevent to a given page). One way to fix this is with some logical system defined over the tags. Another way to fix this is with suggestions, maybe even some sort of simple probabilistic framework, e.g. P(x|v), such a prob. system however will face immediately the sparse data problem.